Physicians, medical technologists, and technicians can earn free CME or CMLE credits when their laboratory participates in API’s proficiency testing programs. Conveniently available online, there is no limit on how many people at each laboratory can use this feature.

Credits will be available in each of these four disciplines: Chemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, and Hematology. Additional credits will occasionally be available in Blood Banking, Coagulation, Microscopy, and Laboratory Management (meets Florida state requirement for Supervision / Administration).



  • Jul 10Microbiology Proficency Results Deadline
  • Jul 13Hematology Shipment
  • Jul 20Hematology Replacement Deadline
  • Jul 30Microbiology Evaluations Graded
  • Jul 31Hematology Proficency Results Deadline
  • Aug 10Immunology Shipment

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