API DataDirect

API DataDirect is available to all participants enrolled in American Proficiency Institute clinical proficiency testing programs.Laboratories can use their LIS or middleware to transmit their proficiency testing results directly to the American Proficiency Institute, a process that revolutionizes external quality control measures for clinical laboratories.

This process will improve laboratory quality by eliminating clerical errors and will make the PT process much like patient testing. DataDirect will save laboratories significant time and money.



  • Nov 19
    Hematology Replacement Deadline
  • Nov 21
    Chemistry-Misc. Evaluations Graded
  • Nov 30
    Hematology Proficiency Results Deadline
  • Dec 3
    Immunology Shipment
  • Dec 10
    Immunology Replacement Deadline
  • Dec 14
    Immunology Proficiency Results Deadline