WELCOME to American Proficiency Institute

At American Proficiency Institute every aspect of your proficiency testing is controlled by you -- how you choose to receive your test kits, how you report results, and whether to review test results using traditional reports or using graphical analysis. Throughout the entire process, you have the backing of the most advanced proficiency testing organization in the world.

We are now accredited by A2LA to the international PT quality standard, ISO/IEC 17043:2010. Click the A2LA Accredited symbol above to access our scope of accreditation.



  • Sep 23
    Microbiology Shipment
  • Sep 30
    Microbiology Replacement Deadline
  • Oct 3
    Chemistry-Core Evaluations Graded
  • Oct 11
    Microbiology Proficiency Results Deadline
  • Oct 14
    Chemistry-Misc. Shipment
  • Oct 18
    Mycobacteriology PT Results Deadline